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  • Apr 06, 2017

Picture your life 7 years ago…where you lived, where you worked, what your mindset was. Now think of all the ways you’ve changed, learned and experienced life in those 7 years. In technology years, that’s ancient! I mean, it takes dogs that long to earn a respectable year of age!

What I’m getting at is, almost 7 years ago I was gearing up to graduate from James Madison University and finishing up designing my photography website, having no clue how important that site would be years down the road. I also had no idea how fast technology would change! Most people did not shop from their smartphones, so I had no idea that having a website that could adapt to multiple devises would be so important.

I finally realized about 3 years ago just how outdated my logo and website were. My work and therefore style had changed and improved quite a bit, and I no longer felt connected to my site and logo. It was so dark and moody; not at all what I was going for. Then again, when I designed it, I had no idea I’d wind up settling down at the beach and I also had zero design skills. Over time, my style became bright, vibrant and clean, and I needed a site that reflected that.

And so began the process of trying to redesign my brand.


As a perfectionist, it was painful…to say the least.

I spent countless nights messing around in InDesign, researching the design essentials of a logo, sketching out ideas, wadding them up and sketching out some more. The biggest reason I did this to myself wasn’t so much that I couldn’t afford to hire a professional (though that didn’t help) but because I’m stubborn like that and wanted to finish what I had started.

After probably a good 6 months of this, I finally settled on my current logo…but once again got stuck at the web design part. Believe it or not, I tried my hand at it again. All I can say is God bless my husband for putting up with the endless nights of disgusted, frustrated, overworked sighs and sobs on my end.

I’m entirely embarrassed to admit how long it took me to finally come to terms with the fact that I’m not a web designer especially since I’m my own worst critic. Finally, about a year ago, I hired the team over at MediaNovak to start designing my site. But I quickly learned that just because you hire someone else to do it, doesn’t mean it’s going to make it any easier. I had a hand in every pixel they designed (I know, I’m crazy). But at long last, I have a site I’m insanely proud of!!

So welcome to it!! Have a look around, enjoy. And definitely come back soon!

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