10 Examples of My Vision Brought To Life

Most photographers would agree that you can see a location for what it is...but at the same time envision its potential. For me, I need to see what I'm working with to create a vision of the end product.

  • Jul 19, 2018
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Do You Know Your Style?

Riddle Me This: What draws you in more: a bright, colorful image, or a dark and moody photo? Popular trends right now include the “light and airy” look where the sky is predominantly white and all colors are pastel, or the dark and grainy film look. Maybe you’re somewhere in between? None of these are

  • Oct 25, 2017
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Can’t Beat Candid

Today’s feeds are filled with so many perfectly posed and filtered images that it truly shocks us when we see something candid. For ages we’ve been told to look at the camera, say “cheese” and be happy with the results–or be upset when not everyone is looking. And nine

  • May 02, 2017
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The Rule I Like To Follow

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken…and sometimes there are rules that you really, really like to follow. Enter the Rule of Thirds. If you’ve ever taken a photography class, this is one of the first things they teach you about a “good photo.”  The concept is simple: create

  • Apr 23, 2017
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