2018 Year In Review

Two nights ago, I was out with a couple of my best friends at Farmhouse Brewing and happened to run into an old friend from JMU, who I hadn't seen since 2010. She introduced me to her husband sitting next to her, and then explained to him that I had...{read more}

Business Is Like A Locomotive

A Post Dedicated To Dad, The Train Lover | When I was a kid, I wrote short stories and poetry to express myself. I was painfully shy back then, so putting words onto paper instead of speaking them just worked for me. This resulted in me majoring in Media...{read more}

10 Examples of My Vision Brought To Life

Most photographers would agree that you can see a location for what it is...but at the same time envision its potential. For me, I need to see what I'm working with to create a vision of the end product....{read more}


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