An Open Letter to Me, 10 Years Ago

I think it's safe to say that I did not anticipate writing this post in quarantine...but nonetheless, I wanted to celebrate my 10th business anniversary somehow. This year, I decided to write an open letter to my 22 year old self just before graduating college. I had been......{read more}

2019 Review

I’ll Spare You The “Time Flies” Speech Needless to say, we all feel like we blink and POOF! Another year’s gone. The only way I’ve found to really stop and appreciate time is to hash out the year and let it marinate. A LOT goes down in 365 days!...{read more}

Brittney & Clay | Cancun Destination Wedding

Little did I know when I agreed to doing a fitness-themed trade shoot for Brittney and Clay back in 2017 that it would result in them flying me down to Cancun to photograph their wedding two years later!...{read more}


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